Deliver strong and consistent brand impact across a large festival site whose design aesthetic is not naturally aligned to the brand.


There is a treasure trove of diverse cultural images and icons within Heineken’s global communications archive through which we can unlock the world of Heineken.


Deliver a variety of culturally relevant brand bars that tie directly into the festival’s themes with a single strong message.

The UK’s leading cider and beer business, Heineken is the main supplier of cider and beer to Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park. Equals was challenged to maximise the impact of branding opportunities in a tightly constrained physical and creative environment where the style and character of the festival were very different to that of the brand.

To do this Equals worked closely with both the promoter and Heineken to take iconic elements from Heineken’s global marketing archive and transfuse them into the festivals iconic multicultural themed environments.

We activated over 200m of high volume bar frontage across the site. By enabling constructive and cooperative dialog between sponsor and promoter, we challenged the creative status quo and provided a means for the brand to communicate more effectively with consumers and entirely within the context of the event. Fitting in, without fading into the background. Standing out without sticking out.

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